Open access is the popular practice of bringing the peer-reviewed literature and scholarly research readily available to everyone who is interested in reading them.

Making a payment for accessing the journals in the print publishing world makes sense as it involves the cost of producing physical copies of the journals. But, when it comes to the online world, the distribution is effectively as wide as the vast reach of the internet. So, it makes lesser sense to charge the online users in accessing the published contents. Thus, open access have got high relevance for the online publications.

What is the significance of open access?

Any new knowledge is being built by synthesizing the current scholarship and followed by that one needs to build upon the same. If the present scholarship is guarded by a pay-wall, only those individuals who can afford them can access that knowledge. Thus, non-open access medical journals can really be expensive making all the scholarly research very costly affairs for the readers. Thus, the research findings do not reach out to large number of readers. So, open access is very necessary for the success of a journal.

What are the major benefits of open access?

The students, scholars and also the general public benefit immensely from the open access medical journals. MedRead Publishing Group is one of the popular open access platforms where several valuable information and research findings are available to a large base of readers. The accelerated delivery of the research findings can build up a very large readership. The open access helps in the public enrichment. Open access very well facilitates the improvement in education and there are several students who can easily and openly access the research findings online and free of cost from any part of the globe.

The major benefits are as follows:

  • Accelerated discovery -With open access, the researchers is open to read as well as put in their inputs on these findings without exercising much restriction.
  • Improved education -Open access allows the teachers and also their students to have a free access to all the latest findings in the researches across the world.

Every researcher should make it a point to publish their research work in the open access format which would lead to more traffic to their work and the promotion of the same would be much better which would eventually result into the success of the same.

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